Who are we

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why all medicines have side effects?

All packages insert bring an extensive list of illnesses or side effects, not to mention a set of precautions, warnings and detailed guidance on how to proceed in case of overdoses.

Do you know why?

Because medicines are synthetic substances that don’t exist on the nature so they are created on labs. As a strange element, the body don’t know what to do with it and tries to expel it, generating a series of side effects similar as “poison”.

We were taught to use medicines for any kind of pain, symptom or disease, but few of us really understand that acting like this, we enter in a dependency cycle and outsource the responsibility of our health. We use medicine for all diseases and start even earlier to take synthetic substances that promote an immediate cure, not a state of health. To medicate a symptom is just like “sweep the dirty under the carpet”.

This flawed combination between DISEASE/MEDICAMENT is used by most of health professionals.

People from VitaminD believe in a new combination, a perfect combination: PREVENTION/HEALTH.

To prevent is not just make exams because if there is already a disease, it will be too late for prevention. To prevent is to provide conditions for the body to remain healthy, since in a healthy body diseases can’t find a fertile ground. Health and disease, each on its own way, need a favorable biological ground to arise. This biological ground is the result of good or bad choices.

We believe in the power of health/prevention combination, so we have a mission to bring information and biological high-performance products to human health. Products that don’t cause side effects, composed by elements that already exist in the nature, not created by another human being. These products are the supplements that, as the name suggests, have the function to add, complement your health.

Your biological high-performance depends on the difference between medicate and supplement.

We believe that the lack of D vitamin caused by the low exposure to sun light is the main responsible to keep our body susceptible to so many diseases. That is the reason why we offer a supplement as the solution to obtain a super health.

You can eat real food (instead of industrialized food), sleep far from cell phones and other electronic equipments and keep a positive view of life. You can practice exercises, administrate the stress and keep the hormonal modulation on time. But all this is just not enough.

Without optimal D vitamin levels, there is no biological high-performance.

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