Biological high-performance

You already know that you need a healthy body to be more productive and enhance your performance in all aspects of your life.

But you want more than just being healthy.

You want to better deal with stressful situations.
You want a mind focused on your studies and work.
You want to make precise and right decisions.
You want to be more creative and intuitive.
You want even more energy to put your projects into practice.

You want to be extremely healthy all days of your life.

And you have already tried everything.

You have already reduced sugar and carbohydrates consumption. You have started to exercise yourself and sleep more hours. You already take some supplements and started a meditation practice. You are constantly implementing and testing new customs and routines.

But have you already dosed your D vitamin level?

D vitamin is a substance naturally produced by the body when UV (ultraviolet) rays are reflected under the skin. Erroneously known as vitamin, it is actually the most powerful fat-soluble hormone (that can be dissolved in fat) from the human body. Did you know that 60% from your brain is composed by fat? D vitamin easily crosses the barrier that protects the central nervous system, acting directly on the brain. This makes you more attentive and provides a higher speed of information processing. You will be even more focused and concentrated.

Besides, it acts on almost all cells from the body, it is involved on thousand of gens functions and actively sustain our immunity. Cold, flu, rhinitis, sinusitis, among other seasonal diseases will no longer affect your productivity.

Have you dosed and the result was “normal”, near 30ng/ml?

Measurement statistics are lagged down. Normal values are lower than what is considered to be ideal. The reference value states that ‘normal’ means to have the same levels as 95% of the population and almost 90% of Brazilian population have low levels of D vitamin. If you dosed and the result was “normal”, your levels are low.

To be more productive you need to have biological high-performance. This is only possible with a great level of D vitamin. In short, your health depends on D vitamin.

What would be the optimal D vitamin level to achieve a biological high-performance?

At least 60 ng/dl. Having the objective to achieve 100 ng/dl. 120 ng/dl at most.

How do I know if I have the appropriate D vitamin levels?

The exam to dose D vitamin levels on the blood is called 25(OH)D.

Does everyone needs D vitamin supplements?

Not all of them. People working with short clothes and people who usually sunbathe don’t need to replace it. For example: fishermen, surfers, lifeguards.

Why 90% of Brazilian population have low D vitamin levels?

That is very simple: nobody sunbathes properly. We live and work indoors with very little natural light. Besides that, our bodies are always covered by clothes or sun block. To achieve optimal D vitamin levels, it is necessary to expose yourself to the sun with short clothes and no sun block for 20 to 30 minutes per day. In practice it works for very few people that is capable to include this routine every day.

I work indoor and usually don’t sunbathe. If I can’t increase my D vitamin levels by daily exposure to UV rays, what should I do?

You don’t have to wait months until the sun increases your D vitamin levels for you to achieve a biological high-performance.

You also don’t need to depend on daily oral supplements: forget to take and compromise your health. In addition, oral supplements have some inconveniences:

1) They can cause gastric irritation.
2) The absorption is not guaranteed as D vitamin is only absorbed with fat consumption.
3) How is your intestinal macrobiotics? A lot of people have dysbiosis (intestinal mucosa chronically inflamed) which makes D vitamin absorption difficult.
4) Most of them comes from sub-doses, ineffective to achieve a biological high-performance.
5) Finally, they are expensive as you will have to take high doses daily.

So what is the solution?